Hi! I’m Abhishek Goyal

Experienced Full Stack Web Developer & Android Developer

I have over 2+ years of Freelance Experience and also 3+ year of Industry Experience. Throughout my journey I have involved myself in Web Development Projects and have experience in E-Commerce, Car Rental, Data Warehouse, Networking and Social Networking Domain. Having skills in multiple domain's and platform's have enabled me to work independently or assisting teams in completing large scale projects with ease. I hope you get necessary information about me here.

My Specialities

Web App

Mobile Apps

System Design

Project Management


SQL Server



Education & Jobs

2009 - 2011


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
2011 - 2015

MIT College of Engg

Computer Engineering(B.E.)
Pune, Maharashtra
05.2015 - 01.2016


Pune, Maharashtra
01.2016 - 11.2016

Associate System Engineer

IBM, Kolkata
11.2016 - 01.2018

Full Stack Developer

Vernik Solutions, Delhi
02.2018 - 09.2019

Software Engineer

WiFi-Soft Solutions, Pune
09.2019 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Times Group, Mumbai

Hobbies & Interests







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My Work

Car Rental ERP  

Complete ERP system to manage the Car Rental business. It is a Webapp developed completely from scratch.

  • Multi timezone and language support.
  • Multi Currency, Company Support.
  • Fine grained access controls at module level, operation level and individual fields (on any form) level based on profile and user.
  • Advanced Search - supports search on any field, wild card support (oracle syntax), AND/OR clause interchange support, date and number range support, fuzzy searching on all columns.
  • Logging edit, view and data change history for auditing.
  • Support for Shortcut Keys


Designed and developed a website for students to be able to upload and share code with other users. Developed the complete functionality (login system, file uploads with verification, profile management, password recovery system, etc) of the site.


A Facebook like social network platform to connect people and make new friends. The web application supports timeline, messaging system, finding new friends using various filters(age, distance, gender).

Horus Eye Clinic  

A Freelance Web project, made for an eye clinic in Bangalore. The website provides information about the various services provided by the clinic. Other features include:

  • Appointment booking system.
  • Separate admin panel to confirm, reject and reschedule appointments.
  • Dynamic availability of appointments as per Doctor's schedule. Doctor's calendar management.
  • Status message sent via SMS and email to users.

GharatAgro - Online Grocery Store  

A freelance project, E-commerce site which delivered fresh vegetables to the users.
The project features includes user registration, cart maintaining, online payment support, Admin Panel with full functionality for controlling the website.

Freshkart - E-Commerce Website  

Developed a website for the client where user to be able to order Breakfast. The menu included subscription as well as single time orders.
Features of this website includes Payment gateway integration,Admin panel,Menu customization, Breakfast Order cycle including cancellation.


B2C website where Buyer can post requirements of his need and Seller can bid there final on those product. Objective was to allow buyer to get the product at cheaper cost locally without any hassle.
Seller could also opt for Premium membership where there bids where given higher priority irrespective of price quoted.

Online Voting  

A Web Application which enables the voters to cast vote in the state and Indian General Election via their Government issued voter ID.
The application verifies the voter ID from the Government database and lists the candidates from their respective constituencies.

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